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Monday, May 2, 2011

This is one of the worst things that could have happened to Canada.  Stephen Harper and his conservatives have won a majority.   We have lost our country.

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What does he stand for?


Guest Comment

Yuck. So what are the elections like in Canada? Are they based on television advertising?


Guest Comment

Actually, this election may be part of a larger trend. Europe has been experiencing a growth of rightwing and even fascist movements.

Brian Krueger, PhD
Columbia University Medical Center
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Ewww, so now I can't move to Canada to get away from conservative stupidity?  I can't do Europe, it smells funny...

Guest Comment

Harper rose from the ashes with a majority ... just as I feared.  What does this mean for Canada?  I have been glued to the CBC (let's hope it still exists after a few years).  At least there are NDP voices in Ottawa and Elizabeth May won her seat.  But let me tell you my goal in the next few years is to get a job with health benefits, just in case we lose our healthcare in Canada.

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@Psychasm  The main issues are education and universal healthcare, which is in jeopardy under a Harper governemnt.

@Edward  I was hoping not, but its hard to know given that I live in the US.

@Brian  I know what you mean.  Now it's settled I'm not going back.

@Guest 8:52  The NDP only have 102 seats, Liberals 34, the Bloc 4 and the Green Party 1.  With 167 seats Harper can ram through pretty much any legislation he wants.  There is nothing the opposition will be able to do.

Miss PhD

Guest Comment

I'm sadly not surprised that Harper won the majority but was very surprised to see the simultaneous rise of the NDP (especially in Quebec!) and fall of the Liberals. I'm glad Ignatiaff is stepping down, he clearly didn't have the charisma to capture the votes. How strange to see the country so polarized for the first time. I guess people were just wanting an end to the cycle and some change.

I'm terrified of any Conservative attempt at health care reform. After trying to deal with the system here in the US, I can assure everyone that privatized is not better.

We can probably kiss research dollars good-bye too. Too bad, we were just starting to see articles about reverse brain drain....


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@MissPhD  Yup good-bye research dollars.  The NSERC pdf (postdoctoral fellowships) took a huge hit under Harper.  It's also worrisome because Harper's the guy who hired the chiropractor Gary Goodyear to be the Minister of State for Science and Technology.  This is the guy who thinks "evolution is just a theory."


Guest Comment

Hmm, in the US these trends are are blamed on racism and religion. What's being blamed in Canada?

Dub C Med School
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I believe, from what I've read in NY and LA Times, Telegraph, WSJ and Le Monde has been fear of the ND, and the minimal effects of the global recession on Canada played into Harper's favor? While a commodity based market is not nearly as nimble as a fiscal market, it's more secure. However, it also means little to no real growth.

And since the business class wasn't hurting, why would they back the ND or Liberal parties? Both of which are much more friendly to organized labor than the solidly comfortable, and growing, upper middle and upper class?

I'm certainly not backing Harper. I found a lot of his policies...odd. To say the least. But, money matters can, and do, heavily influence elections.


Guest Comment



If Quebec decides to secede from Canada you could always move there.

Thomas Joseph
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Canadian GirlPostdoc said:

@MissPhD  Yup good-bye research dollars.

Seems that not everyone thinks this will be the case.


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@JaySeeDub Yes money matters, but Canadians still trust and believe in government. At least they did until Harper came along. And my feeling is that the media blitz about the NDP gaining popularity is one reason why the conservatives now have a majority. The other is Michael Ignatieff. @Edward That's true. Quebec is looking really attractive. @Thomas Joseph Yes I saw that. But I favour Discover mag's interpretation more.

Guest Comment

I am a fellow Canadian getting my PhD in the US and am also so dissapointed.  My riding in Toronto went conservative for the first time in years and I was so upset!  I am moving back up there soon, and hoping things do not change so much that I feel like I am still living in the US!

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@Lauren  It's upsetting isn't it.  Same happened in the riding I came from.   Good luck on your return to the homeland!

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