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Monday, January 18, 2038

Well so far I'm doing pretty good at meeting my writing goals.  I sent out my Research and Teaching Stmts to 4 different people in my field and one who was only remotely related.  When I get comments back, I'll edit and send out my t-t applications.

I know that I don't look as good as I'd like.  I have a total of 6 pubs and one that is on the cusp, if I pushed hard I could have two more submitted before the end of the year.  But unfortunately it comes too late for the t-t apps. I've talked to several friends who are faculty and the consensus is that 2 pubs a year is expected with the clock starting from the day you graduate.  Higher impact factor journals count for more.  Thankfully, I have one of those in the mix.  But when I look at my pub record it is less than impressive.  Given 1 more year, I could certainly be more competitve.

I don't have the requisite 2 papers a year and I had one shitstorm year where nothing was published.   Plus my old postdoc supervisor is sitting on a manuscript - it's been a year since I revised that puppy. I was counting on that to be published by now, but since he wants to see fancy new data from a fancy new machine.  I put money on the fact that this fancy new data will NOT change the story.  At best it provides more support for what I've already demonstrated with the old but still valid technique.  Really, I have no hope that that manuscript will ever see the light of day. What's weird is I was under the impression the pub was important to Dr.Add'EmUp because of his plans to submit a grant. But since he has NO other empirical pubs and the grant was to get money to establish his lab and continue experimental work, I suspect he's just given up. Essentially, I've written off the paper and the 2-year postdoc and I've moved on. 

The best thing I can do is put my time and effort behind the horses that a.) I have the most control over and b.) that I know others are heavily invested in. So I made a list last week of all the manuscripts I want published and at what stages each are at. I think this helps motivate you and reminds you of the purpose of your research.  Plus cleaning house every so often can't hurt.

I decided that this weekend that I have collected enough data from my current postdoc for a manuscript.  I know RedBull wants to apply for a renewal in January so it will be really good for her to have this in press.  It won't come in time for my t-t apps but I feel it's important to my confidence to have stuff out.

So ambitious as it may seem, I am going to take this weekend and attempt to write up a draft.  It may be the crappiest draft but at least it will have been written. 

Sat at 9am (PST), I will start the madwriting process.  Stopping only for food, water and sleep.  Anyone want to join?


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I will be doing the same thing this weekend for the next chapter of my dissertation! I'm with you!

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@Amanda Sweet!  Let's keep each other posted on twitter!


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Sounds great! I'll add you.

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