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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well I did it.  I wrote the crappiest piece of shiza manuscript I have in a long time.  But the reason I made myself do this is I have a perfectionism problem.   This was an experiment to see if I could find a way to overcome that challenge. 

Now I have what I like to call the pseudocode for a manuscript.  All I have to do is work on it just 1 paragraph or 1 figure a day (and/or 1hr a day) and pretty soon I'll have a manuscript worth sending to RedBull.  We'll see how it goes.....

So peeps did anyone else do a #madwriting fest?  Do they find it helps or hinders their writing (of any kind!)?

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Brian Krueger, PhD
Columbia University Medical Center
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I did a mad writing fest for my thesis.  I think I wrote a chapter a day and finished it in 5 days. 2 days before the first deadline :P  I think your method is pretty sound.  It always helps to start with a rough draft that you can edit down later.


Guest Comment

I like to put barf on page (or madwriting as some call it) and then edit and improve after. Otherwise i'm stuck at writing the perfect sentence and taking 4x as long to get it done.


Guest Comment

Congrats on getting the draft done! I did get a draft of my postdoc proposal #madwritten that weekend. I continued to #madwrite until a couple days ago, when I turned in the final polished product! It felt great! Now I'll be #madwriting to finish my dissertation in a few weeks!

BTW, I tried to comment on your twitter updates, but I am new to twitter. I now realize you probably did not get my replies if you're not actively following me. My name is @Mandachen

Sorry to hear about your current postdoc situation. At least you'll get some really cool papers out of it, then you can move on and won't have to deal with RedBull any more. Probably not much consolation currently, but at least you have something to look foward to.



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