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It's not "goodbye," it's...
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Dec 17, 2010, 1:07pm
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Wow! Congratulations Becca! . . .Read More
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

One day not quite a year ago, I decided quite suddenly that I wanted to keep a blog. I knew nothing of the magical world that is the science blogosphere; I just wanted somewhere to write, though I wasn't immediately sure about what. It occurred to me that my upcoming search for a tenure track job would fit the bill, according to the following course of logic: looking for a job is a process of sorts, and the "process blog" is a thing, insofar as people blog about the process of traveling around the world or the process of renovating their kitchen. And so On the Market: Fumbling Towards Tenure Track was born (we've trimmed the "On the Market" bit here for your convenience), and then my world exploded. In a good way! In case you haven't been following, the links below should help you catch up.

1. First, we back up to 2 years ago, and recount the hilarious tale of a phone interview I had with a Fancy Midwestern College. It did not, shall we say, go optimally.

2. I love New York and how you can get anything you want delivered in the middle of the night, just like how every other New Yorker loves that about New York, too. I also love my apartment and never want to leave, but not in a Brian Wilson kind of way.

3. The Society for Neuroscience NeuroJobs website is sort of like internet dating.

4. I wonder if it is OK to be drunk on the internet. Mom says no, blogosphere says, "bottoms up!"

5. My K99 application gets canned. It's disappointing, but there are some lessons to be learned (and a very topical Balloon Boy reference)!

6. I weigh in on the post-doc: good-or-bad? debate, and am called a money-grubbing whore by one of my commenters! I am still not sure if the comment was made in jest or not, but let's say not! It's funnier!

7. We all make French Onion Soup together!

8. Do I need a Glamour Mag publication in order to be competitive for a TT job? "Need" is a strong word, but...maybe.

9. I get a chance to speak at a big meeting, and it all unfolds After-School-Special style.

10. I get a kick ass Dharma Initiative lab coat for my birthday. Namaste.

11. The realization hits that I'll have to leave my post-doc lab soon, TT job or not. Like anyone would do, I call on Team America to help get me in the right motivational mindset.

12. I go to a conference and meet someone who knows someone who found a loophole in the K99 5-year post-doc limit rule. WTF, NIH?

13. Are my standards for, you know, my life, too low? Too high? And hey, remember how awesome the movie Singles was?

14. What does it even mean to be a post-doc these days anyway?

If you were reading between the lines, here, you've probably put together that I didn't get a TT job this year. It was...eye opening. It's a new year, though, and I've got some new things going on. These new things may or may not get me a job this cycle, there is one thing about which you can be sure: you will find all the gory and hilarious details right here.

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Lady Scientist
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I hate to disagree with your Mom, but blogging under the influence is fun. I'm looking forward to reading!

Brian Krueger, PhD
Columbia University Medical Center
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Love the intro Becca! Glad to see you didn't have problems posting it this time. I'm really looking forward to following your journey. I don't envy you at all in wanting to go after a TT position... I think I'm just going to let Jade Ed mentor me in to BioTech ;)

biochem belle
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Yay!! So glad to have such an awesome postdoc around... who also has the most incredible home bar!

Dr Becca, Ph.D.
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Agreed, LadyScientist! I do my best work when I'm just the tiniest bit tipsy. Though what I really meant in the post was, is it bad if potential employers google me and find a picture of me with a drink in my hand? There MAY be one or two floating around out there...

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Hi Becca,
Well it looks like there is a lot of really interesting reading to catch up on. Money grubbing whore, huh? You must of hit a few buttons. My kind of girl.
As for drunk on the internet, I've written a few emails under the influence before, only half cognizant of what I was doing, and the next day, had to check the sent mail to make sure I didn't send anything I will need to apologize for later. I tend to get extra flirty ;-).

Looking forward to hearing about your journey to the TT.

Guest Comment
Awesome, great acquisition for Lab Spaces!

Guest Comment
Congrats on the new home.

Guest Comment
Updating feedreader URL...

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Cool new space! I think that my start in blogging was motivated similarly to yours, but I started after I landed the TT job. I will agree, that in my limited experience, a little alcohol never hurt the blogging, and I doubt that some pics with alcohol floating around in the scene would be damning. Unless you want a job in a dry company, I guess. Good luck!

Dr Becca, Ph.D.
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Thanks for all the support, everyone! Very happy to be here.

Gerty-Z, I've never heard of a dry company before, but it sounds awful!

Guest Comment
Yay, nice to see you and the others here!

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For the longest time I thought that your avatar was some sort of bird looking up, and recently I've only just realized it's the backside of Dumbo.
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