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Monday, August 9, 2010

The timing may be terrible (or perfect, depending on how you see things), but either way I'm about to go on a week-long vacation, my first in two years.

Now, I know some of you are reading that and thinking, Sweet Jeebus, I'd give my left boob/nut/etc for a week-long vacay once a decade! Is she complaining? She'd better not be complaining, while others' internal monologues might sound more like, WTF? Is it even legal not to take a vacation for 2 years?

That is to say, vacation practices vary widely from lab to lab. Mine definitely falls along the more lax end of the spectrum. My boss is way too busy to keep track of what time people come in every day or who's taking what time off when. We get our work done, we tell him when we're planning on going away, and as long as it doesn't conflict with any big experiments, he doesn't care. People in my lab work hard, and I can't think of a single instance in which someone's taken advantage of our laissez-faire 'tude. Case-in-point, yours truly; I didn't feel like I could take time off last summer, so I didn't. Oh sure, a long weekend here or there, but nothing that could be considered a bona fide vacation.

I know that some of you, however, work in environments in which the free-love spirit isn't quite so...flowy as in mine. So how does that all work? Do you have any vacation time defined in your contract? Do you have a contract? Has your boss ever explicitly forbid you from taking a vacation? Do any of you have post-doc associations or unions that have negotiated institution-wide vacation policies? Answers in the comments, please!

All I know is I cannot fucking wait for my vacation. I'm doing nothing but sitting on the beach, reading books for fun (rec's please in comments, email, twitter, etc!) and eating lobster rolls until my arteries cry for mercy.

I was going to embed the video to the Go-Gos "Vacation" here, but the embed code is disabled, to which I say booooo copyrights or whatever. You'll just have to watch it on YouTube.

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Brian Krueger, PhD
Columbia University Medical Center
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Have a great vacay, and my tweet was a joke ;)

Dr. O
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No real vacay restrictions in our lab (or in my previous mentor's), although we have had a couple take advantage of my current mentor's relaxed attitude...all seems to work out in the wash though.

Have fun on deserve it!!

Disgruntled Julie
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My PI may be a tyrant on a daily basis, but I feel like we make up for it with vacation. I typically take about two weeks off each year (not all at once)... since most of our lab is international, and they're taking off a full month or more each year to travel home, I do not feel the LEAST bit guilty about my two weeks. Plus, since I often go 5-6 straight months of coming in every single day... well... if my PI ever had a problem with my vacation, I'd offer to cancel it in exchange for getting my weekends back.

Have a GREAT vacation!!!

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Have a great vacation! Enjoy the beach, books and lobster rolls.

We have an "official" policy of two weeks vacation here for all employees. Except grad students. Then it's between the student and the mentor. Personally I feel everyone should take vacations, so I have no issues with my students taking time off.

the modern scientist
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Just getting ready to take vacation myself. My first in three years. My boss is much like yours--way too busy to get upset about that. I think he figures either we get the work done or we don't. It's little skin off his nose since he's tenured.

Have fun eating lobster rolls. I'll be hiking the Alps and drinking beer in Munich!

Guest Comment
My lab community is super-relaxed (too much so) and at least half of the members exploit that, with a handful basically getting paid to do nothing, for years. Because of this, the PIs wondered if the some students didn't understand their expectations and so they recently drafted a document that spells out in more detail a completely reasonable set of guidelines about pay and vacation. When presented with this, I asked my advisor about 5 times if I was meeting expectations and she just laughed at me and reassured me that I was exceeding them. The worst offender hasn't been in for a couple months, and probably hasn't seen the document, and the 2nd worse offender made a few corrections that he thought it should have, as he thought she was soliciting his editorial opinion! Ha! He has been working a teeny bit harder lately though.... This environment has its pros and cons, but it's perfect for self-motivated students.
Candid Engineer

Guest Comment
Thank God for vacation. Can't believe you haven't had one in so long. Official policy for postdocs at Brilliant U is 4 weeks, and I probably take 3-4 weeks. Husband and I usually go on one ACTUAL vacation every year (one week) and the other 2-3 weeks are eaten up by traveling to see family and taking the occasional day off when we have visitors.

Most people get this shit done in my lab and don't overuse the vacation policy. With the exception of one postdoc I know who just today declared, "I want to be a professional vacationer." LOL, she almost is already!

Guest Comment
Ok, so the people in my lab who are from India are apparently allowed to take a month off if they are defending a thesis (I don't quite understand how their system works and how they are here as postdocs before this, but whatever) and getting married. Otherwise, nobody takes any vacation. I am the extreme outlier for taking a few days off around Christmas, and that was *distinctly disapproved of* by my PI.
My PI used to have early Saturday morning lab meetings, and he still grumbles about the department's reaction to that.
I wanted to go to another lab to try Impossible Experiment in another cell type and my advisor was pissed as hell because I couldn't fit it in a weekend.

My *department* has a general policy of 2 weeks/year for grad students, but it's always with a "or as agreed by the mentor" clause, so it's no good for me.

Guest Comment
I'm so thankful that my Postdoc U has a generous vacation policy of 4 weeks, but I worry that I'm going to get too spoiled to ever go anywhere else with a less forgiving vacation policy.

Professor in Training
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Officially, our postdocs get two weeks vacation per year. As a PI, my feeling is that if you're doing your work and you're doing it well, I don't care if you take several weeks off. A happy postdoc is a productive postdoc.

Damn Good Technician
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Well, since I'm at a company, we have official vacation policy and stuff like that. Luckily, most managers are pretty relaxed about it- nobody makes you take half a personal day to go to your dentist appointment, and if you're working a whole lot of extra hours, it's not a big deal if you blow off Friday afternoon.

As for books, I read "The Botany of Desire" by Michael Polan while I was on vacation. Yes, it's non-fiction, but it was really interesting.

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As a postdoc, I accrue 1.25 vacation days per month. My PI doesn't make me claim v-time if I come in late or leave early for some reason, but the institution policy is to take v-time when you're on vacation.
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