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Awesome Stuff
Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's been a long day. I was hoping to get a lot done on the plane today and have the news up during my layover in Detroit, but it wasn't to be. I was heading to the Mountain Lake Meeting on Transcription Termination this morning and started the day off by leaving my poster at the security desk and then dropping my laptop on the floor while being pushed through the line by the TSA. I sat down to try to abuse the internet and found that my computer started but the monitor didn't fire up. That's bad news for a lot of down time and plane flights...

So I spent 5 hours this morning twiddling my thumbs on the plane and during my layover in Detroit. The up shot is that the airline found my poster and threw it on the next plane out. The only problem is that the next flight came in 3 hours after we landed and my boss needed to be at the meeting early to set up since he was an organizer. That meant I got to ride an hour to the hotel with him, then hop back in the car to drive back to the airport to get my poster. Fun times... The bonus is that I got back to the airport early enough to run to home depot for a screw driver. I sat in the airport with my computer in pieces(I'm sure people were excited about that..) and finally got it all working again(I managed to jostle the backlight inverter loose. I never thought that'dbe possible).

The drive back was great until I got to Blacksburg and got stuck in Hokie traffic for an hour because of tonight's football game. Haha, and to top it off, when I finally got back to the hotel I find that internet only works in one room. This place is basically a castle (But Dirty Dancing was filmed here, so that makes it cool, right?).

I'll get back to the news tomorrow afternoon. That should be a couple hour adventure. I'll probably only do press releases in the interest of time!

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