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I am scientist by training, inclination and temperament. However, this is a blog, not a lab. The title reflects my passion for hyperbole, so don't take me too seriously. I don't. I was a technician in a physiology lab, got my PhD in molecular genetics and neuroscience, was a postdoctoral fellow in biophysics and now am a Project Manager in a Clinical Science/Biomedical Informatics institute. I am a scientific jack-of-all-trades, and very happy because of it. I write about science that catches my eye, making the transition away from the lab bench, and the slightly odd and moist boundary where science culture meets the public. I am an Englishman by birth, an American by temperament and if I were you I wouldn't lend me money.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This post is a redux of a post from my other blog, the newer Some Lies. It's still there with a couple of years of posts I may or not get round to migrating one day. Anyway, this was first published in April 2006 on the first edition of Some Lies (now long sealed up and buried under Yucca Mountain). I’ve neatened it up, and added a couple at the end. The re-post is for two reason. One, is poor Dr. OverLord has broken himself doing something arcane and fearsome to the servers of LabSpaces, and this might make him smile through his concussion. The other that slightly the sickening realization I’m at the end of 3 of the cycle…so it is coming soon...

What is It? What cycle am I speaking of…oh, Dear Reader, read on…

April, 2006
…So last night after band practice, me and my good mate and bassist William “The Beast”-“Lefty” Wallace (a man whose nickname is now almost as prodigious as his bass-work), were having a chat down the pub. Somehow the conversation steered to broken bones. We were likely talking about all the blokes we’ve beaten up and all the birds we’ve shagged. Cos, as rock stars that’s what we do. Or at least, we tell outrageous and grandiose lies about it.

Anyway, it occurred to tell the tale of my ‘about 3 year’ cycle. It sends a shiver through me bones…cos they’re probably about to break.

See, ever since I was a nipper I have managed, through sheer bloody minded incompetence, clumsiness and stupidity, to break a bone on average every three or four years. There have been "in betweenies" too, and I thought once or twice I’d broken the cycle (along with my nose) but, alas, no. It might, however, make a nice blog post…


1986. Age 11. Broke: left wrist. Backwards running race at the school sports day…yeah. Which fucking genius thought it was a good idea to have a bunch of skinny and uncoordinated 11 year olds sprint backwards? I walked home after school carrying my school bag (briefcase…fledgling geek) in the bad hand (fledgling idiot).

in betweenie: “dislocated” elbow and (unrelated) eye surgery

1989. Age 14. Broke: left wrist. I fell off my bike. Funny thing is, the day I got the cast off my arm I was chasing my brother to give him a bit of a hiding for something, when I slipped on a comic book and fell backwards onto the same arm and tore all the tendons in the wrist. How I laughed as I went back to the emergency room less than an hour after leaving it.

1992. Age 17. Broke left wrist and hand in 5 places. This time I fell down some stairs in Cham, Holland while on a youth hostelling tour of Europe. They had a brand new hospital and I was the first patient in X-ray. Which really made up for everything. Funny thing that tour…me and few of my mates on a church led trip, with a Priest in charge (and no he wasn’t a kiddie fiddler, so don’t ask). So, I fell down the steps of the hostel, and by this point in life had a fairly good idea of what a broken bone feels like. I landed and yelled and then went into shock and started muttering, “I’ve broken my fucking arm. I’ve fucking broken my fucking arm” (being in a great deal of pain, you see). The sodding Priest told me off for using bad language. Cunt.

in betweenie: two major concussions requiring hospital stays, gashed hand requiring micro-surgery, and separately, a severely gashed forearm and elbow requiring blood transfusion (nice humeral arterial tear), and microsurgery.

1997. Age 20. Can’t remember. I did a lot (I mean a fucking LOT) of drugs in college. Sorry. Three or four years are completely gone. Bit of a bummer really cos I was too stoned to take photos. I did break my nose a couple of times, and got knocked out at least once, I remember that…

2000. Age 25. Broken tailbone. Fell off my mountain bike...I was riding standing up on the pedals whilst going down hill and me and the bike slipped. I dropped right onto the pommel of the saddle. I went camping in the woods two days later and forgot my sleeping mat.

in betweenie: broken finger. Boomerang related injury. Say no more.

2003. Age 27. Broke 4 ribs, two major concussions and my right knee. This was a good year for The Tideliar!

I broke two ribs in a snowboarding accident right at the start of the season. Both breaks were on my left side. A couple of weeks later, me and my good friend Shar get in a massive fucking car wreck a few miles outside Pittsburg. The car nearly flipped, and I knocked the passenger-side window out with my head - I’m really that fucking hard. But, it really was a very bad accident and the witnesses said they figured us for dead, for real. Anyway, I was so concussed that I was nearly blind in one eye and completely uncoordinated two days later. About three weeks after that I’m at a party and a fight kicks off. Being the Super Ninja of DeathRock that I am, I waded in and got another two ribs broken. Thankfully they balanced me out, cos they were on my right hand side.

About two weeks after that I was snowboarding again…God, it was a perfect day, there was two maybe three feet of fresh powder. Your beloved Tideliar (albeit with perhaps one too many beers in him…it hurts to snowboard with broken ribs) finds the one goddamned patch of ice on the whole fucking mountain. It was right as I came out of a sharp toe-side turn so most of my weight was on the toes of my right leg. I dropped my full weight at high speed onto the head of my tibia, right under my knee joint. Ouch. I tried to stand, but the pain was really quite amazing. I collapsed, but fearing landing on my knee I gracefully broke my fall with my head, straight into the ice-patch that had caused me to fall in the first place. Good job son! I was re-concussed and stuck a thousand feet or so up a mountain.

in betweenie: Broke a rib. My mate Big Jay gave me a bear hug and he isn’t called Big Jay for nothing. My band went on tour that summer and I had to play with a broken rib. See. Told you I was well hard.

2006. Age 29. Things accelerate now. I started Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), so broken ribs. Again. I got my ass badly whooped in the parking lot outside our “gym” and managed to pop a rib or two. I may have torn my diaphragm, but I have been known to exaggerate…

Also, whilst goofing during Muay Thai training, I demonstrated my advanced training in clumsiness. I went to Thai-kick the kick-bag, for that is its purpose in life; it looked lonely, I was bored. You know how these things go...well, I train in bare feet because my shin-pads have an instep guard that makes wearing shoes uncomfortable, and training in bare feet makes me concentrate on my kicks more. However it also makes one’s feet slippery because of the dust. I didn’t check my stance, swung my right leg up and out, rotated at the hip and then my left foot slipped and allowed me to finish my rotation with the addition of a rather cool double back-salco onto my arse. Unfortunately the middle toe of my left foot stayed firmly planted and I rotated around it.

Looking down it was immediately apparent why my foot was numb. My toe was pointing off and to the left at a decidedly too jaunty angle. I have a fair amount of medical training and knew there was but one recourse. I sat down and used my hands to force my toes into a “fist”. I felt the toe slip back into its “socket” with a satisfying click. Being a super-hardcore motherfucker I just taped my toes up and finished training, which thankfully involved loads of kicking. At least one person in the gym puked when i did it.

Stupidly I didn't go to the Doctor about this one. It's healed OK, but looks nasty still. The joint are misshapen and it still points to the left. It also aches a lot. Twat.

Check this shit out.

This was taken at least a week after. Yeah. Dislocated and broken. Good job asshole.

In betweenie: dislocated finger (this time I did go to the quack), broken nose (twice), a couple of mild concussions.

It’s now mid-2010.

By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something painful this way comes.

After 24 years of The Curse, I know there is no fighting it. I’m hoping the constant stream of violence and aggression I enjoy is keeping me mildly injured to the point where those beings from another astral pain plain, those behind this Curse, accept my sacrifice as worthy. I somehow doubt it.

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Blog Comments

Genomic Repairman
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Dude you need to burn your medical history section when you apply for life insurance. I mean the actuary would have a fucking heart attack if he saw your medical records.

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Yeah, "Tiddles" really isn't going to work for you...

Brian Krueger, PhD
Columbia University Medical Center
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This is my first broken bone. Maybe I need to be more hardcore, or you need to drink more milk :P You make me feel like a pansy

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@GR: I'm not allowed life insurance :( I'm too high risk

@Odyssey: yeah, as misnomers go...

@Dr.Overlord: Break moar bonez! I consider each one to be like a little biological re-paving...

Brian Krueger, PhD
Columbia University Medical Center
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That's pretty much what happens everytime you do muay thai

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Indeed it is sir. Or go jogging, or lift weights...osteoclasts and osteoblasts are busy little buggers.

Dr Becca, Ph.D.
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V impressive, TL. Also? You used to write way more British-ly than you do now!

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Haha, you think so?

I wrote that a long time ago, round about the time I started trying to write for other other outlets. This is a pre-being-trained-to-write post :)

I read it through and winced at all the "rules" I broke, but only edited it slightly.

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Wow. Gotta say your injury stories are way better than mine. Funny though, I borke my right wrist falling backwards much like what you described and I think it was that same year. I broke some ribs too, but that was from coughing so much when I had pneumonia. Nothing compared to you. Nice work dude :)

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I had a boss break my finger by dropping a case of frozen turkeys on it.

Brian Krueger, PhD
Columbia University Medical Center
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Its going to kill me to not ride my bike, run, or got to the gym for the next month.

Professor in Training
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I think you and I need to catch up over a hot chocolate sometime and compare scars, x-rays and surgery videos. I'm waiting for my health insurance company to ask me to return my membership card.

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@Evie: I left out illness (not that I'm sickly!), but when I had pneumonia (2001, not that I keep track or anything), I didn't break any ribs. My mom (a nurse) did threaten to personally medi-vac me if I didn't stop smoking though. Apparently in white males ~27yrs old outside of motor vehicle trauma, pneumonia is the number 1 killer.

I quit.

I wish it had stuck...

@Geeka: You win. I have never had a frozen meat product based injury. Although there was a sausage stew based injury one time... (should have stiches, but turns out sticky tape does a bang-up job).

@Overlord: I know bro. Another missing one is cracking my shin in 2008 and missing out on the chance I had to have an amateur fight. And also no gym for weeks :/

we'll keep you busy here if that helps?

@PiT: Sure you won't be at SfN2010? I loved your comment back in 2009 when this was first re-posted and you were undergoing continuous surgery and rehab from Brutal Sport :)

First Hot Cocoa is on me.

Professor in Training
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Won't be at SfN as it's not my field. How about EB2011? Am hoping I'm through with surgeries for a while, although my knee is starting to give me trouble again.

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If we get our CTSA I can do EB2011. EB and AAAS are the only other 'big' ones I can make excuses for. Need any bioinformatics? JAMIA2011 in San Fransicsco looks good... :p

Professor in Training
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Haha - I'll keep you posted.
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