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Lab Mom

Lab Mom spent 15 years as a Lab Manager in Academia before off-tracking in 2010 to stay at home with her two daughters. She blogs about the juggling act of motherhood and a science career, which encompasses a lot more then the cliche work-life balance.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nobody likes being crapped on. (I never thought I would ever start a blog entry with that line.)

Nobody likes being crapped on and likewise, nobody likes their car being crapped on. So some clever folks at our local science museum, who clearly had an abundance of Pasteur pipets just lying around, came up with this little device:

If you can't tell from the picture, it is a fluorescent light housing, covered with upward facing Pastuer pipets used to prevent birds from landing. (They were definitely pipets and not solid glass rods, since a few were broken off.)

Very clever. I have seen many spike strips before, but never any made out of pipets. And these were at the SCIENCE museum: Way to submerge me in the true science experience!

I think I am going to make one of these things and stash it in my favorite lab chair.

I am not sure how it is where anyone else works, but in our lab there are only a few decent chairs and I have one of them. However, my beloved chair tends to go missing with some regularity. Clearly just placing my lab coat over the back of the seat isn't enough to mark it as mine. I have even gone so far as to put lab tape on the back of it with MY NAME, but alas, it still seems to vanish.

This is war! It appears I need to actually get up someone's butt and this is just the thing to do it. I have been crapped on for the last time.

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Damn Good Technician
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I have gaudy green lab tape spelling out my name on my chair. Not just my name written in tape, but using tape to spell out the letters in my name. It's friggin' huge.

I vote for that.

Disgruntled Julie
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I too have the name-out-of-tape on the back of both my bench chair and my desk chair. It is rarely stolen as a result, and when it is, there is certain proof that it was mine, so back off bitches.

Genomic Repairman
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I have the tape on chair thingy as well. I also have my powerpack spray painted so I know which one it is and who has it if they take it.

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My name was etched into the bottom the day I put it together. It still gets taken.. but it's easy to get back.. for the most part.

Dr. O
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Nobody takes my chair these days, but I think people know better than to take a hormonal, pregnant lady's chair. :)

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True story, I just got busted stealing a chair! But it is MY LAB, so I'm allowed, right? And it was purely accidental, I swear! Still, I felt kinda bad and gave it back.

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I urinated all over the nicest chair in the lab on my first day there. Territorial demarcation dude. The only way to fly.

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You need to bedazzle it.
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