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Kelly Oakes GBR

I'm an Undergraduate Physics student from Imperial College London, about to start the Masters year of my degree. I mostly write about physics research papers that I find interesting in the hope that other people will find them interesting too. The wordpress version of my blog is here.

My posts are presented as opinion and commentary and do not represent the views of LabSpaces Productions, LLC, my employer, or my educational institution.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

So, Biochem Belle has passed the roundup baton to me this week… I just hope I can manage to do as good a job as she's done the past two weeks!

We need you!

This week we've been asking for more input than ever here at LabSpaces.

We need you! Source

Since the clock is ticking, Biochem Belle took charge and posted a poll for everyone to vote on the topic of our next theme day. Genomic Repairman posted a last call for entries to the Fantasy Football competition he's organising with a few folks from Scientopia as well as the LabSpaces crew, and he also had some science questions that needed answering.

Biochem Belle also has a question: How many female scientists can you name?

Anyone for some science?

Evie has a great post on the basics of flight, so now anyone can impress the next time they're on a plane. Although best not mention the part about scientists not knowing exactly how it all works if your companion is a nervous flyer…

And in the life sciences arena, Angry Scientist illustrates the short lived life of a protein.

Another week, and some more bad luck for the LabSpaces bloggers…

We were all very sad to hear that Damn Good Technician got her house broken into and valuables stolen, and bloggers and readers alike offered help and mp3s. Luckily all is not lost, as her cat managed to hide and didn't run away, while others in the neighbourhood appear not to have been so lucky.

Meanwhile, Genomic Repairman got a sunburnt arm and a boot in the ass.

Work work work

Damn Good Technician wanted to know how many early birds we have here at LabSpaces… It turns out that while a lot of people like to start work early and finish early, a similar number have discovered that no matter what time they start, they'll end up staying late anyway.

An early bird... Source

Geeka gave us an insight into the different names her and her colleagues gave each piece of equipment in her old lab.

Lab Mom had not really considered what car a professor should drive before hearing a call-in radio show about it, but will be keeping an eye on what everyone is driving to and from work from now on.

Odyssesy will be sitting on an NSF review panel in a few weeks, and gave us a walkthrough of the process.

A story on the news page of LabSpaces prompted Tideliar to tell us all about his attempt to quit smoking, and the ban that never was in his workplace.

Moving on…

Gerty-Z has some advice for new grad students, and also some thoughts on the purpose of a K99/R00.

Damn Good Technician may be damn good, but when applying for new jobs she would like her boss to be the one to tell people that in a recommendation letter, rather than be told to write it herself.

Didn't there used to be more of us around here?

Catherine kicked off with the first apology for not being around LabSpaces much over the past week, with the explanation that she's been involved with a genetics and film competition, amongst other things.

I followed with a post about how physics is harder than I'd previously thought, and is therefore taking up more of my time than I anticipated.

Dr. O pipes up to let us know that she's buried in work but still alive, and Lady Scientist has fallen into her dissertation with no means of escape (until it's finished, of course).

Never fear though, while we've been away Genomic Repairman has been making up for our absence by posting a surely record breaking fifteen posts in the last week… keep it up, we're relying on you to keep the place going during any more unexpected absences. ;)


And that concludes my roundup of the past week in the world of LabSpaces... If anyone notices any glaring omissions or mistakes, let me know in the comments.

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Brian Krueger, PhD
Columbia University Medical Center
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Awesome job, Kelly!

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Great post Kelly!!

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Love it! Been so busy this week almost didn't have time to read. Thanks for the roundup!

biochem belle
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Nice job, Kelly! Thanks for picking it up this week :)

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Great round-up!

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Awesome round up...

Odyssesy will be sitting on an NSFW review panel in a few weeks,

Fixed for you >:)

Brian Krueger, PhD
Columbia University Medical Center
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That'd definitely make the experience more fun :P

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NSFW? That would be some of this.

Guest Comment
Evie has a great post on the basics of flight, so now anyone can impress the next time they're on a plane. Although best not mention the part about scientists not knowing exactly how it all works if your companion is a nervous flyer…
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