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Hi! I'm Geeka. I've been a scientist for, I don't know, it seems like forever, I guess since I started college, so, like 15 years? Anyhow, this is where I'm going to give my take on a bunch of stuff. I'm usually a little bit out there (that is, I don't see the obvious at the outset), which means that you are probably going to have to deal with reading such topics as: Interpersonal relationship training for scientists, my lab pet peeves, how to get along in business when you just came straight out of academia, trying to deal with having a life and being a scientist, really odd topics for a paper, random stuff I found on the internet that made me shoot coffee out of my nose, you know, (ab)normal Geeka. Why the title? Because at the very heart of me, I'm a virologist, and while I don't necessarily do that now, it's how I view the scientific world.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

We had this bar by our grad school. It was your typical college bar: hard wood seats, cheap pitchers of beer, and framed signed pictures of local college sports celebrities. It became the hangout when we were first years because we had a 4 hour break between 2 classes, weren't allowed to do rotations our first semester, and most of use lived too far away to go home and come back again. So the 4 of us (there were 6 in our class, 2 didn't drink), would sit in this bar have lunch, and drink until our epidemiology class. Why could we do this? Because the epi text was the same epi text that I had as an undergrad, the tests were all open book/notes, and we were being taught in a large auditorium. Now, admittedly, when we weren't drunk, we were doing things like the take home tests for other classes, but we kinda goofed off in this class.

The bar became the place where we would have our infrequent departmental happy hours. There were a core group of us that would plan and go, and we acquired more people as years went on. One of these people is frequent labspaces commenter ImageGoddess. She and I were in different labs, worked on different biologies, but we had some techniques in common. One of these techniques meant that we had to go use big fancy always broken cause people are idiots equipment in a different building. The guy that was in charge of this ended up being at this bar with his lab quite frequently. In fact, we would always comment on the fact that he always seemed to be there. This guy was on my committee, was fairly cool, and wasn't a pain in the ass. (Point in case: he didn't come to my defense, he just signed off on it).

So one day, after having been in the bar for a while, and noticing that his lab was a few tables down, I decide that I'm going to buy him a drink. Now, at this point, details are a little hazy.

Imagegoddess and I have a discussion that essentially goes:

G: I'm going to buy baldy a drink.

IG: That's not baldy.

G: Yeah it is, look that's all of baldy's lab. Who else would it be?

IG: That's not him. I know what his head looks like. That is not him. That's not even the shape of his head.

G: That's totally him.

At this point, I do buy the bald man at that table a drink. And it wasn't baldy. One of the lab members comes over and tells us that it's the Leica rep, and baldy is off in Cali. So, of course, the entire lab knows who bought baldy a drink. This is why I don't drink with people I work with anymore.

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Thomas Joseph
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This last year at ASM I had the "pleasure" of watching some lab drama unfold at one of the bars in San Diego. Let us just say that Lab PI, if what we thought was going to go down DID go down, was going to be in a world of hurt. I've got to blog on it!

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I am seriously way too worried to drink around people I work with. Given how some conferences work, I do rather wonder if the whole "be extra sparkly interested in other people without saying something inappropriate or buying random bald-dudes drinks" level of tipsy isn't worth cultivating. Wasn't there just a funny story about scientists that drink more get cited more?

Dr Becca, Ph.D.
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becca said: Wasn't there just a funny story about scientists that drink more get cited more?


I must see this story, immediately. Link pls.

Prabodh Kandala
Texas Tech University Health Science Center
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"we were being taught in a large auditorium"

Large auditorium for six members?

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I just got back from a conference. I'm always chatting up everyone at the bar. like every night. I can only hope that this will increase my citation count! Laughing Although I also do pretty well holding my liquor. So, I witness a lot of craziness but always maintain plausible deniability!!

Image Goddess
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That is one of my favorite memories from that place. To be honest, I don't remember much after that either, except there was A LOT of laughing, and more drinking. I have to say, I warned you. But in retrospect maybe I shouldn't have after the way we met. Have you blogged about that crazy woman yet and who they let in the department? It's a miracle we became friends.

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Dr Becca, Ph.D. said:

becca said: Wasn't there just a funny story about scientists that drink more get cited more?

I must see this story, immediately. Link pls.

No problem, here you go:


(sidenote: does anyone know how to end the quote? the html looks like there's an endquote there, but it won't work for me)

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