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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back in February, my mom wrote me the usual email asking what's new in the fabulous lives of me and my very handsome live-in boyfriend J. I replied, "Not too much here. We go to work, we come home, we eat salad, we watch Lost."

It's true. In anticipation of season 6's premier, we were plowing through seasons 1-5 with a focus and determination paralleled only, perhaps, by Joey Chestnut on 4 July. We stayed up late on school nights, we tried to make sense of time travel, and yeah, we ate a lot of salad. We still do!

J is not a scientist, but we both work long days, usually not getting home until 10 or 11. Monday through Friday, we are exhausted. Sometimes we muster the energy to grill up a few shrimp for our salad, but mostly not.

I remember re-reading that sentence that I typed to my mom and thinking Wow, we are like, objectively boring. I've decided, though, that I'm OK with that. For now, we are happy with our routine--at least we get to see each other for a couple of hours every day, existing in a state of objectively boring bliss.

The bliss may be ending soon, though, as it's now been made official that the grant I'm on runs out in just a few short months. I need to find somewhere to go, and I need to make the best decision I can for my career. Now, we knew this was going to be an issue when I was on the TT job market, but I think we were in major denial about it, and when nothing panned out in the TT search last year, it only served to reinforce our denial. Yay, no tough decisions!! Now, quite suddenly, it's a reality. There will be tough decisions. And our happy little work-salad-Lost (or Rome, our current series of choice) world may be turned upside down.

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Candid Engineer

Guest Comment
Please don't tell me that you won't be getting home until 1 or 2 in the morning! It won't do! Hope you get the situation settled soon. And also, I wish I could muster the ability to eat salad every night. I guess the tortilla chips and guac I had tonight aren't as healthy...
Candid Engineer

Guest Comment
Thought I'd mention that it's a bit confusing as to where to comment here or whether or not there are any comments. The big empty space under the post makes it look like there are no comments and no way to comment... Maybe Brian can do something about that.

Lady Scientist
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Tough decisions stink. And we're objectively boring, too. People will ask me what we're up to and all I can think of is work!

Damn Good Technician
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DrDGT & I have the same routine - work, home, reheat leftovers, watch TV, bed. Our current rotation includes True Blood & Sons of Anarchy. I find nothing wrong with being so boring.

(Rome was great, btw - just my $0.02.)

biochem belle
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Sorry to hear about the funding. I completely understand the denial thing, although mine comes from a different perspective. Hope things work out quickly.

Eventually people will stop asking what I did/am going to do during the week or weekend. My week looks like blog-work-eat-tv-sleep; I'm trying to but workouts back in there. My weekends involve blog, work (I'm rebelling by not working weekends until I start my new position), laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, some TV for me while hubby's at work, and watching golf or football on Sunday afternoon, depending on the season. Having a spouse who's basically out of comission for 2/3 of the weekend puts the kabash on plans, but we're not terribly exciting anyway.

In the TV viewing realm, have you been watching the new Doctor Who? I love it, and the first 4 seasons are available via instant streaming on Netflix :)

Damn Good Technician
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Oh hellz yes we watch Dr Who!! We've been downloading torrents as they air in the UK. Season five, with the new doctor (who is smoking hot & on whom I have a mad crush) was pretty cool.

Dr Becca, Ph.D.
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I have not been watching Dr Who, but I will totally add it to the Netflix queue! We need more instant watch shows. Really enjoying Rome, although I keep forgetting everyone's name.

biochem belle
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Damn Good Technician said:
Oh hellz yes we watch Dr Who!! We've been downloading torrents as they air in the UK. Season five, with the new doctor (who is smoking hot & on whom I have a mad crush) was pretty cool.

LALALALALALA-I can't hear you, DGT! Have finished the first 4 seasons on Netflix instant streaming (as well as the Torchwood spinoff-bizarre, much darker than Doctor Who, but last 2 series were quite excellent). Finishing off the specials this weekend, and anxiously awaiting season 5. But I'll be honest, DGT, the new doctor will have to work mighty hard to worm his way into my heart ;)

Sorry about getting sidetracked there, Becca. The point is, I find Doctor Who an excellent distraction from painful reality (was watching this through the recent stay-or-go roller coaster, myself, a most wonderfully British and often nonsensical escape.

Guest Comment
Hard decisions like "I'll see ya in another life, brotha!" vs "live together, die alone"?

Or "don't tell me what I can't do!"?

Or "how many times do I have to tell you, I always have a plan!"?

Or "whatever happened, happened"?

Sorry, I'll stop now.

Dr Becca, Ph.D.
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Darmok, hi! Welcome. Re: your first question, the answer is Desmond. Always Desmond.

PS everybody- I love how this has become the TV thread!
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