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I am scientist by training, inclination and temperament. However, this is a blog, not a lab. The title reflects my passion for hyperbole, so don't take me too seriously. I don't. I was a technician in a physiology lab, got my PhD in molecular genetics and neuroscience, was a postdoctoral fellow in biophysics and now am a Project Manager in a Clinical Science/Biomedical Informatics institute. I am a scientific jack-of-all-trades, and very happy because of it. I write about science that catches my eye, making the transition away from the lab bench, and the slightly odd and moist boundary where science culture meets the public. I am an Englishman by birth, an American by temperament and if I were you I wouldn't lend me money.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dude. Fuck. Sigh.

So, this isn't my only blog. I have another "official" blog on another Network. Some Lies was resurrected to be a place for me to stretch my legs and talk about things not on the Official Agenda of the other blog network. I happened to write a post lately that I thought was good enough to Carbon Copy to the other blog. And it is getting a lot of attention.

I have wasted hours today arguing with homeopaths about the nature of their reality, and I kind of called this one Nobel Laureate a bit of twat. I mean, I didn't really use those words, but I kind of intimated it. I thought he was troll. And now the strident voicebox of Homeopathy itself, Dana Ullman, has joined the fray. I am trying to keep my temper when talking to them because it is only fair to the other readers of my blog.

But Ullman was rather rude...OK, I baited him, but it's my fucking blog.

And now the Laureate is giving me lectures on physics.


I am tempted to out myself, and get some 'net rage going here. A friend of mine is won't to say when FWDAOTI...

"Get the fuck off my internet"

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Brian Krueger, PhD
Columbia University Medical Center
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I think you should link to "That other blog" to give us some perspective, and laughs :P

Genomic Repairman
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Whatever happened to IP banning trolls?

Dr Becca, Ph.D.
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No need to out yourself, TL (though I admittedly stumbled upon your other blog quite accidentally. I won't tell, though!)! I feel like these conversations get to a point where it's like arguing about religion, or political beliefs.. No matter how logically sound and factual evidence-based your position is, some people just aren't going to change their minds. I say, go have a whiskey, and let them flail around in self delusion.

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@Dr.Overlord: I'm not that hard to find LOL

@GR: I dunno if the Dark Overlords of the other network do that. And I agree with only banning people when they seriously overstep the mark with illegal shit and racism/sexism etc. If you're just a douchebag you have first amendment rights too... although it ain't easy...

@Becca: Busted!

I agree. Someone finally stepped into the fray and hit back with me. That's one of the awesome parts of being in a Network is being part of a group effort. It's been strangely quiet at the other place since the fight started. I wish it had kicked off here instead.

Bob O'H
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At least you're being noticed by the High and Mighty.

Anonymous Coward

Guest Comment
I have been greatly enjoying the scrap going on at "That other blog". Would love to join in, but I have "conflicts of interest" that prevent me from getting involved there. I do like how DU uses hormesis to try and justify homoeopathy, talk about wilful misunderstanding!

I love that they pull out Montagnier as well, the man that can email you HIV...

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@Bob: Love you too, twat. TBH, I'm getting a bot bored of them now.

@Anonymous: I was gobsmacked by Dullman's mention of hormesis. I actaully got so wound up by them I had to stop posting. I got emails from the site Admin about a comment I nearly posted. I ran it by Admin before posting it and uh, I was mighty close to the line. The Scotsman inside me is trying get out...
Anonymous Coward

Guest Comment
Chill Tideliar, the heavybag is waiting for you tonight...
The line is thin and wavy, which is why I often refrain to jump in with too much gusto.
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