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Lady Scientist

Lady Scientist is the pseudonym of Amanda, a (hopefully) soon-to-be finished biochemistry graduate student. Growing up in a smallish, southernish town she struggles to prove that you can be both a lady and scientist. Follow her adventures as she navigates her two-body problem, science, and life.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

When I started blogging, I felt like a loser. My lab was small and the other grad student in my lab was nearing the end of his graduate student career. That meant that he was having great success in the lab. As I had just passed my quals and just started the meat of my project, I was not having such great success. I was working very hard, but hardly making any progress.

All that combined made me feel like I was the worst grad student ever, was never going to graduate, and was incredibly dumb. When I started blogging, I found a lot of other people out there just like me. It seemed that everyone went through some period of time where Science was kicking them in the teeth. The more I blogged and the more I read made me no longer feel like a loser. I was just on a losing streak. So, I guess my blogging philosophy could be:

Blog until the science does not hurt so bad anymore.

I hate tagging people, so I'm going to copy Cath again. I tag anyone who is hating how humid it is outside.

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Love it! I felt the same way when I started working at a real job with people who knew sooo much more than I did.. But like you said, you eventually realise everyone goes through that phase!
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