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From Bench to Business is all about bridging the gap between the science world and the business world. I give hints about how to start your own biotech business, highlight new and emerging biotech companies and products, as well as how larger companies are affecting the biotech world.

My posts are presented as opinion and commentary and do not represent the views of LabSpaces Productions, LLC, my employer, or my educational institution.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Fantastic, Amazing, Life Changing new products/services are being imagined and developed all the time to help enhance research. Sometimes it is hard for us to know what is out there. Which is why I am starting a mini-segment on my blog called, "The Latest and Greatest." I will be highlighting interesting products/services that might help out your research.

If you know of something revolutionary and want me to consider it for a piece then feel free to contact me though labspaces.

I know it is a HUGE deal for anyone to post anything with bias, and I recognize that being in the industry I may have some of those. So I have decided to create a small key so that you can see where my possible bias lies:

*Have not personally tried
(If this is the case then it is likely that I heard about it through colleagues in the industry and am listening to how they say their product service works. I am also willing in these cases to write a follow up if a reader has personally tried out the product and has an opinion on it. Please contact me though labspaces to do so.)

(This means that I have some sort of relationship with the product that I am writing about. It could be that one of my customers is selling the product or that I have a personal interest in what I am showing. However I can promise you that I am not getting paid to write the article, nor will I consider any attempts to be paid to write an article about any product or service. If you want more coverage on labspaces I would talk to the owner of the site and see if you have any sponsorship possibilities. After all, he is being gracious enough to let me steal bandwidth to write my blog on his site.) (I also DO NOT represent the company of anything I review on here. Any opinions are mine personally and should not be held against the product/service I am reviewing)

If there is anything else you might want info on, or any other biases you want me to put inside a key, please comment below or contact me and I will (within reason) re-write my key.

Other than that, I hope you get some use out of the things I post on here, and I hope to have bi-weekly Latest and Greatest posts.


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Very cool idea! I like it!

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Thanks Evie!
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