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Lab Mom

Lab Mom spent 15 years as a Lab Manager in Academia before off-tracking in 2010 to stay at home with her two daughters. She blogs about the juggling act of motherhood and a science career, which encompasses a lot more then the cliche work-life balance.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An interesting spin off of my previous post about Dinosaur Science Camp was a was in regards to kids clothing and how I don't often see things like bugs, dinosaurs, rockets etc. on clothes marketed to girls (at least not frequently).

Becca pointed out in her comment that there are insects like butterflies and ladybugs associated with little girls, but I stood by my belief that the "creepy crawly" ones like spiders, centipedes and scorpions tended to be reserved for the boys section. The same is true for rockets, dinosaurs, trucks and other typically masculine icons. In general, they are hard to find amongst the racks and racks of pink Princess, Dora, and Hanna Montana adorned girls clothing.

Now yes, in all fairness I could shop in the boys section, but honestly my 4 year old wants to wear the princesses, fairies, ponies and unicorns (Hanna Montana is banned in the LabMom household.) She likes the real 'girlie' stuff. I am not going to fight it.

So imagine my surprise when this little number showed up in my twitter feed this morning, courtesy of Zulily.

Can you see that? It is a PRINCESS riding a PINK T-REX!

Oh hells yeah!
So of course I tracked down the origins of this fantastic tee and found out the geniuses behind it were Jusami Designer Shirts for Kids.

They are fantastic! When is the last time you saw a pink dinosaur/princess T?
That is AWESOME! ThePrincess would love to wear that!

And bugs? They got bugs:

Okay, we have all seen ladybugs, but what about praying mantises/mantids/mantes?

So, I guess I stand corrected. There are great science based "boy-topic" girls' clothes out there. You just have to look.

All images courtesy of Jusami

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Kelly Oakes
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I love the dinosaur one! Wonder if I could fit myself into a kids size, hmmm...

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I did get this shirt for my baby in pink. Does that count?. Loved the pink dinosaur one. Hmm, my daughter's birthdays are coming...Thanks for the tip!

Washington University School of Medicine
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Those are wicked cool!

Lab Mom
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yannisguerra said: Ha! Funny. I had a girlfriend who called her pregnancy "working on her own personal genetic science experiment!"

Only nerdy science types (like myself) would find that funny!
kids footwear

Guest Comment
Those shirts are cool and lovely! They really look nice for the kids especially for the girls. It's great because they have different designs and colors that children can actually choose from it.

Guest Comment
I just came across this when I was searching to see how high my site came up in google. :) I offer a pink dinosaur t-shirt, too, at my site. I hope to have many more designs at some point, as I agree with you, that there is a huge void in the market for girls' clothes that feature images that are traditionally found all over boys' clothes (vehicles, space, sports, etc). My site is Hope you like them! -Rachel, A Closet of Her Own

Why am I doing this again?
Washington University
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Dude my little girl LOVES T-rex's and Triceritops!  This is way cool!

Crooks and castles T-shi

Guest Comment

I am lving these t-shirts.These t-shirts are amazing specially the first one.My daughte would love to have one .

Crooks and castles T-shi

Guest Comment

I also want to mention that you are doing great work among children to creat awareness about this huge extinct animal.


Guest Comment

I still think "boy-topic" clothing and toys etc. are too hard to find for little girls.  My 5YO daughter is in a very serious dinosaur phase. She may not recognize all the letters of the alphabet yet, but she can tell you a stegosaurus from a triceratops from a velociraptor and let you know which eat plants and which eat other animals. This morning she asked me, "Am I the only girl who likes dinosaurs and dragons?" I said, "No, I'm sure there are others, we just don't know any." Then she said, "Maybe they're in other places. Like Africa." Sigh. She's probably right.

I just bought her some boy dinosaur pjs from Carters. She likes them, but they're kind of a green camo design. I think she would have been even more thrilled if they'd been pink with a huge, realistic dinosaur on the front instead.


Guest Comment

I love the kids attitude in wearing the dresses. Little boys and girls are so much fun to watch and see especially when they are doing modelling or any adult job. Great post!

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