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Tuesday, January 11, 2011
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Thursday, August 5, 2010
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I'm a molecular biophysicist in a biochemistry department. In a college of medicine. And I'm funded by the NSF. Not too sure my dean likes that... I'm here to blather on about things that interest me and to raise the average age of the bloggers here by at least 1.2567 years. And I'm Australian.

My posts are presented as opinion and commentary and do not represent the views of LabSpaces Productions, LLC, my employer, or my educational institution.

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anyone interested in helping my kindergarteners? Check out http://www.donorschoos. . .Read More
Jan 25, 2011, 10:47am
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Thanks for the post! Very helpful. - Reshmi . . .Read More
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Donors ChooseI'm posting this early because a) I'll be traveling soon, and b) I'm ready to...

Okay folks, you may or may not be aware of Donors Choose. This is a very cool charitable organization where K-12 teachers (generally from public schools in very impoverished areas) can submit requests for things they need to better teach their students. Requests range from sophisticated equipment, through basic school supplies, down to chairs (yes, simple chairs!) and even food (one in seven in the US live below the poverty line - there are a lot of hungry kids). One can argue ad infinitum about whether or not it's an individual's responsibility to help provide such things, but that's not what this is about. Clearly the education system in this country is broken - school systems can't provide some of the most basic things (chairs for eff's sake!). Society (that's you!) needs to step up.

Starting October 10 and running for a month there's this Science Bloggers for Students Challenge running. A bunch of science blog collectives, including LabSpaces, plus some individual bloggers are competing to see who can raise the most for Donors Choose. The prize? A lot of kids helped. Many of the bloggers here at LabSpaces have set up their own Donors Choose donation pages. Mine is over there on the right in the "Awesome Stuff" box. See it? It's blue and white with some green. Having trouble finding it? The link is also at the bottom of this post.

UPDATE: Donors Choose has just announced that HP will be doubling all donations to the Science Bloggers for Students Challenge up to a total of $50,000. Donate now and double your impact!

On each of these donation pages you'll find the projects we're sponsoring. Please give. Since this is a science blogging collective and it's a science bloggers challenge, we're focusing on raising money for science-related projects. Please give. Donors Choose makes it easy - they have a secure web site that can handle credit cards and Paypal donations. Please give. It doesn't have to be much - it can be as little as $1! You know that venti caramel half-caf mocha, extra-hot with extra whipped cream you have each day? Save yourself the fat and calories and give the $5 instead. How about that daily trip to the vending machine? You could skip that. Or buying lunch each day? Brown-bag it for once. Think how good you'll feel. You'll lose weight and help kids! Please give.

Not convinced? Spend five minutes poking around the Donors Choose site. If you're not moved to help then, well, I guess you're pretty much heartless. Or a deep-sea sponge.


Odyssey's Donors Choose Donation Page:

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UC Davis
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Thanks for telling us about this very worthy cause.  I think I'll put this weekends beer money to a better cause, I'm sure my liver will thank me for it!

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@Jane:Thanks! To be fair, Geeka posted about her">page first - and is offering awards for donors!


Prof-like Substance
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Why the hate on for deep sea sponges?

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No hate. I just didn't want any internet-surfing deep-sea sponges feeling like they have to donate. I understand they have a hard time getting credit cards or bank accounts.



UC Davis
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Ok, thanks for the heads up, I'll check out Geeka's post too!

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And thanks to all those tweeting this!

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In my day, we STOOD at school and we LIKED it. There has never been a more luxorious time to be a student in US schools. If we continue to coddle students by giving them things like CHAIRS, India and China are going to be able to kick our collective asses down the stairs faster than you can say "deep sea sponges". Speaking of sponges, you know that's what you are teaching those parasitic small humans to be, right?

/sarcasm ala grandpakern on k-12 education

UC Davis
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@becca - lol!  Now I normally dislike the use of 'lol' so you know it's got to be a funny comment!  Definitely agree, kids these days need to experience a bit of hardship, it's character building!!

UC Davis
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@Becca By the way, you just disproved the old addage that Americans don't do sarcasm well!

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@JanedeLartigue ah, but I wish it were so. Alas! Despite the /sarcasm tag (added to avoid engaging in debates with those who feel compelled to Correct Somebody On The Internet), it is technically mere parody. Derived not from creative brillance of dry witticism, but drawn far too directly from life.

"Comedy is an exact depiction of real life" (believe it not? read phdcomics)

Woe to us all that I am not in the slightest iota creative, only supassingly chameleon-like in my mimicry.

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You really need a drink, don't you? Smile

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@Odyssey I generally do. And I generally don't drink. Thus the problem.


Guest Comment

anyone interested in helping my kindergarteners? Check out :)

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