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Address:Austin, TX Keywords:
"non-noble",catalysis,electrocatalysis,"fuel cell",methanol,photocatalysis,photoelectrochemical,hydrogen
Assembling a digital chemistry library
Literature-based research on electrocatalysts for methanol fuel cells that do not use noble, or precious, metals.
organometallic chemistry (identification of lead molecules for development of non-noble catalysts for energy conversion)

biomimetic and bioinorganic chemistry (modelling the active sites of metalloenzymes with synthetic transition metal complexes
for catalyst development)

solar photochemical production of fuels such as hydrogen and methanol from water and carbon dioxide

conversion of carbon-bearing waste streams to fuels, electricity, and commodity chemicals

kinetics and mechanisms of fuel combustion in spark-ignition engines (relationship between the structure,
chemical and physical properties, and octane number of motorfuels)

Nelson Mandella
Desmond Tutu
Linus Pauling
Non-Scientific Interests:
The evolution of our social, political, and economic systems toward something that is less predatory and destructive
than current practices.

Adopting, on a meaningful scale, energy technologies that slow the pace of anthropogenic greenhouse emissions to avoid catastrophic climate change.