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Eric Weatherford

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Brian Krueger, PhD
Columbia University Medical Center
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Sigmund Lab
University of Iowa
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Post Doc
smooth muscle, Ppar gamma, chromatin, transcription
Genome-wide identification of Ppar gamma binding sites.
Transcriptional regulation of physiological responses.
Non-Scientific Interests:
Sports, Technology
Education History
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa USA
8/2005 - 12/2010
Description of Work:
Examined the role of nuclear receptors in the regulation of renin expression. Identified CTCF binding sites around the renin locus that may serve as insulators that help control the tissue specific regulation of renin.
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa
8/2001 - 12/2004
MS Zoology
Description of Work:
Examined the effects of angiotensin II on neutrophils
Drake University
Des Moines, Iowa
8/1997 - 5/2001
BA Biology
Work History
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa USA
2/2005 - 8/2005
Research Associate I
Description of Work:
Microarray analysis and qPCR validation of nitrogen regulated genes in maize roots
Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.
Johnston, Iowa USA
5/2001 - 2/2004
Research Assistant
Description of Work:
Transformation Research - Gene Targeting and Genetic Recombination Lab • Constructed and tested plasmid vectors containing fluorescent protein genes for optimal visualization in maize • Helped design and construct plasmid vectors for monitoring the FLP/FRT recombination system in maize using fluorescent proteins • Began a study to modify the functional temperature of a specific integrase (SSV1int)
Desch M Schreiber A Schweda F Madsen K Friis UG Weatherford ET Sigmund CD Sequeira Lopez ML Gomez RA Todorov VT. 2010. Increased renin production in mice with deletion of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma in juxtaglomerular cells..Hypertension. 55:660-6
Sequeira-Lopez ML Weatherford ET Borges GR Monteagudo MC Pentz ES Harfe BD Carretero O Sigmund CD Gomez RA. 2010. The microRNA-processing enzyme dicer maintains juxtaglomerular cells..J. Am. Soc. Nephrol.. 21:460-7
Zhou X Weatherford ET Liu X Born E Keen HL Sigmund CD. 2008. Dysregulated human renin expression in transgenic mice carrying truncated genomic constructs: evidence supporting the presence of insulators at the renin locus..Am. J. Physiol. Renal Physiol.. 295:F642-53
Weatherford ET, Itani H, Keen HL, Sigmund CD.. 2007. Is peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma a new "pal" of renin?.Hypertension. 50:844-846
Vincent R, Freeman B, Weatherford E, Henderson L, Buising C, Wall P.. 2002. Airflow-based PCO2 monitoring delivers O2 and removes CO2 from the monitored environment..Shock. 18:193-194