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Best Dawn of Titans guide for all

Phonema johar
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Best Dawn of Titans guide for all
Wed, Sep 07, 2016, 1:32 am CDT


The Granary holds Food you have collected from the Farm. Upgrading it increases the amount of Food it can store.
The Market produces Gold, which is used to upgrade buildings. Upgrading it increases the rate it generates Gold, as well as the amount of Gold it can hold
The Gold Vault stores Gold you have collected from the Market. Upgrading it increases the amount of Gold it can hold.
The Barracks is where your troops are trained. Upgrading it allows you to train more troops.
The Armoury is where you increase the level of the troops you produce. Upgrade it to increase the maximum level of the troops you can produce. Select it and tap Enter to upgrade the level of the troops you can produce form the Barracks

Kingdom Level - The Basics

Your Kingdom will level up as it grows more powerful and earns more XP, which is awarded for winning battles, upgrading your Kingdom, and progressing through the game. You can see your progression towards the next level by tapping your profile flag at the top left corner to view your profile screen.The best dawn of titans guide is here with dawn of titans hack to generate unlimited free resources

Leveling up your Kingdom will unlock new upgrades, buildings, and will allow you to become more powerful in battle.

What do buildings do, and why do I need to upgrade them?

There are many working parts to an City. Early on in the game, you'll have access to the following standard buildings, which will already appear on the map:

The Castle is the largest and most impressive building in your City, and one of the most important. Although it doesn't produce any resources itself, upgrading the Castle unlocks upgrades for all other buildings.
The Army Camp is where trained units are stationed. Upgrading it allows you to build more units, and unlocks further upgrades for the Barracks.
The Garrison is where defensive troops guard your City. Assigning troops to the Garrison improves the defence of your City, making it harder for other players to successfully attack.
The Portal stores Portal Stones, which are used to transport your troops to battle. Upgrading your Portal increases the number of Portal Stones your kingdom can generate.

You'll also be able to build the following basic buildings early on in the game:

Best Dawn of Titans guide for all