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Press Release
Parsing the Pill's impact on women's wage

Thanks to University of Michigan for this article.

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Moe Foe

Guest Comment
Wed, Mar 28, 2012, 2:04 pm CDT

Women who had early access to birth control made 8% more than women without that access.

Such a stupid statement. Could it have been; Women who could afford early birthcontrol already made 8% more? Ya think? To base the whole study on that premise is asinine. Much of the freedoms women now have were in the works long before The Pill. I agree that the pill sped up the [rocess, but after WWII, everybody kinda knew women were functionally equal and it just took a generation without the prejudices to finally settle it.

The economy also jumped on the bandwagon and made a two-income household manditory. Just think how rich those homes with a wife working were until it became common and prices rose to reflect that. Ahhh, the good ol' days.

I can't wait until my wife gets equal enuf to afford me...I'll gladly be the housemate.


Guest Comment
Thu, Mar 29, 2012, 7:39 am CDT

Moe Foe,

 If you had read the article, you would have seen that the early access was refering to women living in those states that allowed purchasing of the Pill for those younger than 21. It had nothing to do with affording the Pill.

 This article does raise some questions about the study though. Maybe those states that had earlier access had better economies that had nothing to do with birth control. 

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