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User Information
Address:The Bat Cave, EARProjects:
Hybrid Rocket Motors, Commercial Space Tourism, Space Junk Removal, Making the world a better place through environmental clean-up and raising awareness, Project For Awesome, and about a million other awesome side projects that are at various stages of development.
Space, Robotics, Astronomy, Aerospace Engineering, Green Energy, Control Systems, Genetics, Quantum Physics, Archeology, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Material Science, And all the rest I didn’t mention.
Any and all open minded individuals, out of the box thinkers, who make it their business to unravel the mysterious wonders of the world in which we happen to find ourselves.
Self awarded – Awesome Person Award
Non-Scientific Interests:
Snowboarding, Boogieboarding, Traveling, Reading, Doing laundry, no wait.. I don’t like that one, Volunteering, Environmental protection and clean-up, Movies, Star Gazing, Camping, Bubble baths, Sushi and Cheesecake.. yum.
Education History
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL USA
1/2001 - 12/2004
Aerospace Engineering
Description of Work:
Micro Air Vehicles Lab
Work History
Nameless rocket place
0/0 - Present
Aerospace Engineer
Description of Work:
Hybrid fuels, Rocket Testing, Data Acquisition and Control, Composite Nozzles, Honorary Princess, and other.