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Evie is an aeorspace engineer and will blog about current events in various fields including but not limited to: Space, Astronomy, Genetics, Biology, Green Energy, Neuroscience, Physics, Quantum Physics, Evolution, Environmental issues, Engineering.. Pretty much anything and everything that catches her eye. Stay tuned! Thoughts, comments, requests – always welcomed!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

SpaceX has had an incredible mission. They completed the preliminary maneuvers near the ISS, and were cleared to go ahead and get close enough to the station for the robotic arm to be able to grab hold of it. This was all successfully done, and the Dragon Capsule was brought in to dock with the station, making history, by being the first ever commercial company to both fly to space and reenter Earth's atmosphere, and berth with the ISS. The mission will come to an end in several days, when the Dragon Capsule will be released from ISS, returned to Earth for a splash down landing in the ocean, and be recovered for reuse. 

Success!!! The Falcon 9 launched successfully at 3:44am EST May 22nd. All systems were nominal, stage separation completed nominally, Solar arrays deployed successfully, and the Dragon capsule is now making its way toward the International Space Station. Stay tuned for more mission updates!


Way to go SpaceX!! This is the beginning of a new commercial era in space exploration. 

*** Update - The launch was aborted at T-0.5 seconds, due to high chamber pressure in engine #5. Next launch window is May 22nd at 3:44am EST, and another window the following day, May 23rd 3:22am EST. Keep you posted on changes. ***


Hello there commercial space fans! This is indeed a big day for us. In just a few short hours, history could be made. If all goes according to plan, tomorrow morning - Sat May 19th, at 4:55am EST - SpaceX, a commercial space company headquartered in Hawthorne, CA, will be the first non governmental entity to launch a capsule toward the International Space Station. 

DragonThe plan is to use a SpaceX Falcon 9 - a cluster of 9 Merlin liquid rocket engines, using Rocket Propellant 1 (RP1) a purified form of kerosene, as fuel, and liquid oxygen (LOX) as the oxidizer - to launch the Dragon space capsule, from Kennedy Space Center, into space, and over to the vicinity of the International Space Station (ISS). Once in close proximity, the ISS will use its robotic arm to grab hold of the Dragon capsule, and bring it in to dock at the station. 

Falcon 9 Falcon 9 on pad

This is incredibly exciting! I don't know about you, but I am thrilled about this! If the mission is successful - which is has to be - this could be the beginning of common place commercial operations to space! 

What does this all mean for commercial space? I suppose the next few weeks will begin to reveal to us this new chapter in space exploration. The commercial chapter. 

To the entire SpaceX crew -  I wish you the very best of luck! Make space happen! And whatever you do.. please don't bump the station.. 

In the spirit of space exploration, I must also mention Virgin Galactic, who is another player in the commercial space field, working toward taking paying customers to the edge of space, to experience weightlessness, and a life changing view of the pale blue dot we call home. 

To follow the SpaceX launch live, click here or here or here or here or here or here.


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