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PSA: It's cold, buy a Carbon Monoxide Detector.
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Cold Fusion
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I really hope there isn't a number 3
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So why don't you have more papers?
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Thursday, December 2, 2010
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That's not the shape of his head.
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Hi! I'm Geeka. I've been a scientist for, I don't know, it seems like forever, I guess since I started college, so, like 15 years? Anyhow, this is where I'm going to give my take on a bunch of stuff. I'm usually a little bit out there (that is, I don't see the obvious at the outset), which means that you are probably going to have to deal with reading such topics as: Interpersonal relationship training for scientists, my lab pet peeves, how to get along in business when you just came straight out of academia, trying to deal with having a life and being a scientist, really odd topics for a paper, random stuff I found on the internet that made me shoot coffee out of my nose, you know, (ab)normal Geeka. Why the title? Because at the very heart of me, I'm a virologist, and while I don't necessarily do that now, it's how I view the scientific world.

My posts are presented as opinion and commentary and do not represent the views of LabSpaces Productions, LLC, my employer, or my educational institution.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I just got my first email telling me that one of the projects I picked got funded, so here is the first, of hopefully many pictures of Geeka


This is the day of my 5th birthday. You can see 3 things:

  • My best friends are guys.
  • My first friend (Alex) is wearing a Star Trek shirt. I was hanging out with the nerds even then.
  • I am making fists because I really hated wearing that dress.


Come one people, you can do better. One less mocha for you, one more hour of blushing for me.

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UC Davis
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I know that this one wasn't exactly detailed in the offerings in the previous post, but I felt that it was appropriate.

Thomas Joseph
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Hopefully your friend didn't meet with an untimely demise the next time he was beamed down to a new planets surface.

Washington University School of Medicine
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Aren't you adorable!

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Nice picture!

This might just be the impetus I needed to make more donations.

biochem belle
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The little girl looks just like a tiny version of your avatar. How cute! Smile

Brian Krueger, PhD
Columbia University Medical Center
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Ohhh, now there's a dillemma. A drink named after you, water molecules, or embarassing pics of Geeka?

Dr Becca, Ph.D.
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If that dress came in grown-up sizes, I would totally wear it.  You're adorable!!!

biochem belle
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Well, at least Julie's cookies aren't restricted by blogger--otherwise, we'd all be screwed :p

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I funded a project on Thomas Joseph's page.

Tom- Are you offering any bribes?

Thomas Joseph
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I'm trying to think of a good one. I thought of doing a video of me singing ICP's Miracles (but it's too dang long), I thought of outing myself ala TideLiar (he so totally should have used that as a bribe but he did it for free) but I dunno about that one, I thought about offering my services and proofreading a manuscript for someone if they needed it (for free), and I thought about making my grandma's secret cheesecake recipe available to someone who donates to my page (but I have to find the recipe). Any other ideas?  I do have a picture of me being groped by a statue of a orangutan. Would that be a suitable bribe?

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Hmmm.......well, you think about it. I don't need any quid pro quo anyway.

A singing video would be really funny.

Jason Goldman
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Best picture ever.

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