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Hi. I'm genegeek (aka Catherine Anderson). Thanks for stopping by. I realized during my PostDoc that I preferred learning and explaining new results to doing science so I started a non-traditional career of teaching and outreach. I'll be using this space to explore public perception of genetics and other cool molecular biology stuff.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

bookI've joined NaNoWriMo - I'm going to try and write 50,000 words during the month of November. Sadly, I don't think blog posts count. I'm working on a fictionalized account of my travels - the good stories from my early twenties.

So why tell you about it? Well, one of the suggestions from the cheerleaders is to put away your internal editor for the month of November. For those of you who read my blog posts, this probably sounds like a horrible idea.

But it turns out that my internal editor is a tenacious sucker. He won't leave - yep, I picture* a man with a tweed jacket who can give that disappointed look. And he wears clogs. He may also be a gardening vegan...nothing like me.

When you have to write, what do you do about your internal editor? Do you try to craft each sentence as you type it and set up a paralyzing dialogue with that internal editor? Or do you dash off the words and plan to edit later?

badge for NaNoWriMo

*When I was describing my internal editor to my niece in Vancouver, she drew a picture of him and said that he would stay with her in Vancouver where they could have lovely tea parties to discuss the Bernstein Bears and the Paper Bag Princess.

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Yeah, I know what you mean. I am more of a "write like crazy, look after", but when I am reviewing I do have my internal editor on...the problem is that he speaks spanish, even when I am writing in english. That makes for weird phrases. The worse is when I translate a saying and don't realize that the saying doesn't exist in english (essentially not making any sense in English).

Good luck with the NanoWrimo

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Thanks! I'm trying to write like crazy but just spent 20 minutes on one sentence - and it isn't very good. I can't imagine trying to write in a second language. I get myself confused with my native language.

I like some of the phrases my friend from Ecuador would use. Although she blamed Spanish only, I think the cultural context was important.  For example, 'the pot calling the kettle black' was 'the donkey talking about ears'. We created a list of equivalent phrases to help her with writing and social situations.


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Woohooo!!! Go NaNoWriMo!!! I’m partaking this year too, it’s my first time around. So far, it’s been great. I opted for the jump in w no plan method, and I gotta tell you, it’s working out far better than I thought. I realized that if I had made a plan I would not want to veer from it, and I'd be constricted by it. But with no plan, well the story can go wherever it wants. Right now, it’s on an island off the coast of French Guyana, don’t bother looking on the map, you won’t see it, it's shielded such that satellites don’t know it’s there :)

As far as editing.. yea.. I’m not even looking back to see if what I wrote makes sense, or to remind myself of where the story has taken me. Yes, this means I will miss connections and leave stuff hanging and probably make one dimensional characters, but like the 'about' section says.. editing is what december is for.

So I say, ditch the editor, and just run along. Let the typing guide you, not the other way around.

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And actually, the donkey one makes more sense than the kettle one.. wonder what that says about me.. hmm

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Thanks, Evie - great that you are doing the challenge.  I'm only at 2500 words for all 4 days so I need to step it up.  Are you using any of the software that they offered?

I have a sort of plan because I need flashbacks, etc. Are you on the site? If you want to be writing buddies, you can look for genegeek :)

And yeah...the donkey one makes more sense to me too.

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Naw, Im just using good old word.. I didn't even know they had special software.

I'll add you on the site, if I figure out how to do that, you'll be my first writing buddy!

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Well that was easy! Added you :)

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