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Angry Scientist
West Coast Pharma

Angry scientist is a jaded, angry, moderately insane individual creating a webcomic by hand. Laugh or hate, he doesn't really care.

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Comment by Carniwhore_hater in Vegans Piss Me Off

Suck it, meat eating bastards. . . .Read More
Apr 02, 2013, 4:11pm
Comment by Moderates_Rule in Politics piss me off

As you can plainly see, there is a large gaping hole in the wall to the left of us. Now to continue our tour of American political extremism...   . . .Read More
Mar 26, 2013, 11:56am
Comment by Angry Scientist in Vegans Piss Me Off

Nice troll. . . .Read More
Sep 16, 2012, 8:23pm
Comment by Nonprophet in Vegans Piss Me Off

The only reason you feel judged is because you are a callous disgrace of non humanity, no better than the guards at the concentration camps at auschwitz. Carnivores are the cause if EVERY major probl. . .Read More
Sep 15, 2012, 11:52am
Comment by Charles Zumergin in Politics piss me off

Bookmarked. Also stolen and shared to the rest of my family. Especially my brother (you toy mongerer) who I always debate with when I go home for the holidays . . . .Read More
Nov 29, 2011, 6:04pm
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vegans, please STFU. I'm sick of you preaching to me about what I should and should not eat. I evolved canines for a reason and will eat anything that I damn well please.

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I am a proud carnivore.

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LMAO nice one

Genomic Repairman
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I eat more meat to compensate for those that don't. I'm proud enough to say that I have converted a vegan to the dark and meaty side.

Guest Comment
Have you ever ACTUALLY had a vegan preach to you? I mean they are not exactly the jehova's witnesses or anything.

Angry Scientist
West Coast Pharma
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@Connor, obviously, it's what inspired this comic.

Guest Comment
Ignorance is f**king bliss.

It's not necessarily about eating or not eating meat with your canines. It's about considering the source of the carcass... sorry, meat. Factory farming is known to be cruel. By buying meat, you condone and support it. A moral carnivore could not support this abusive industry.

Why don't you go out and hunt your own meat... each and every time.

Angry Scientist
West Coast Pharma
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@Ray, you're making quite a few assumptions here. First you're assuming that the vegan in question is a rational human being. This person isn't a vegan because of the industry, she's a vegan because she doesn't like killing cute fluffy animals.

Second, you're assuming I eat "industry" grade meat, while I consume organic, so there goes assumption number two. The meat I buy is from a farm where the animals are free range and cuddled for 1 hour a day by a farm hand. Before they are slaughtered, they are given a final meal of their choice. When beef is concerned, it's only the finest grade of alfalfa.

I also grow a sustainable garden in my backyard that includes a variety of vegetables. I fertilize the soil with my own composted feces and grass clippings.

Further, I really don't have time to hunt, and the hunting season isn't long enough to sustain my craving for the flesh of another beast.

Thomas Joseph
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Your own composted feces? Talk about dedication! I can only muster up the energy to compost my three dogs' crap. ;)

UC Davis
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Damn right!  Amen to steak, I've had three already this week!


Guest Comment
The only reason you feel judged is because you are a callous disgrace of non humanity, no better than the guards at the concentration camps at auschwitz. Carnivores are the cause if EVERY major problem facing our world. You hate vegans because you are wrong. And because you are full of hatred, indifference, puss, mucus, flesh, stress hormones, antibiotics, growth hormone. Your diet comes from grieving beautiful sentient creatures. Kill yourself you miserable piece of dogshit. Your kind will go extinct if you don't cause the extinction of everything else first.

Angry Scientist
West Coast Pharma
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Nice troll.


Guest Comment

Suck it, meat eating bastards.

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